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Friday, August 13, 2010

Days 12 and 13 - Food Journal

I had a hectic, stressful day yesterday. Yesterday, all I could think of was the song, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. I did not get much sleep last night. I'm sooooo tired.

I did not exercise yesterday. I do plan on exercising today. So, I made it up to 42consecutive days of exercise.

I did manage to write down my food intake yesterday and now I can't find the piece of paper. Once I find it, I will update. If not, I did try.

Day 13


Coffee and water


Apple and cheese


I met my manager and a few coworkers for lunch. We all telework, so we like to get together from time to time. We went to Chili's. I really wasn't hungry, but I took advantage of the opportunity to get out.

Spinach dip and a few tortilla chips
Fried shrip and a few fries
Unsweetened tea


I met my ex for dinner to discuss some things.

Fried calamari
Caesar salad
three slices of veggie pizza
unsweetened tea

Workout #12 - Awesome August - Yoga

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