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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 22 - Food Journal

Okay, I have to admit when I wrote Day 22, I was so excited. Only nine more days of the food journal crap! I'm surprised I've kept it up this far. I am proud of myself for doing it, especially writing down everything. It's very hard to go back and look at my food consumption -- I have learned a lot about my eating habits.

This morning, after prayer and meditation, I had a thought about what's going on with me. I wonder if I am experiencing any side effects from this estrogen patch? It really isn't like me to be this emotional and off balance. I think I'd rather battling hot flashes than these emotional flashes. There are so many variables (post surgery? break up? anxiety about the future? regrets about the past? hormone imbalance? menopause?) going on right now that I can't put my finger on it. More than likely, it is a combination of everything. I am usually more in tune and centered. These days my mantra, borrowed from Kat's blog, is: Gently moving forward.


Black bean breakfast burrito
Coffee and water


California Avocado sandwich
It was hard, but I gave the chips to my friend :)

BTW, the first thing she said to me when I walked in the restaurant was... you've lost weight. How's that for a spirit lifter? I know she wasn't just saying it to make me feel good. I noticed it too when I looked in the mirror after I got dressed. I thought I looked different because I haven't had on any "regular" clothes in a while.



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