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Sunday, February 1, 2015

One Month at a Time

Happy February! January went by so quickly.  I did not do as well as I had planned.  I just could not stay healthy.  I am still not 100%, but I am pushing through it.  I am not one for conspiracy theories BUT I am almost convinced that this year’s flu shot made me sick.  Each time I recover, I get different symptoms.  Now I am battling a sore throat and upset stomach.

Weights.  I laid off the heavy weights because I just did not have the strength.   I’ve been picking up the dumbbell here and there.  I’m going to try to hit the weights tomorrow. 

Plank.  I planked the entire month!  I got up to two minutes.  My goal is to do a five-minute plank, at least one time in my life.  Last week I struggled to do one minute.  Not sure what’s up with that, but I am going to continue working on it.  I know having a stronger core is going to help my running.

Pushups.  Last week my friend Bianca invited me to do 22 pushups a day for 22 days for Veteran Suicide Awareness.  The first day I did them I almost started crying.  It is so hard to imagine that each day 22 veterans commit suicide.  Each day I dedicate a pushup to the memory of a veteran and his or her family.  Yesterday, I figure I will have done a push up for 484 veterans and their families. It is a very humbling and sacred experience. 

Running.  I started my Couch to 10K a couple of weeks ago.   I completed Week One no problem.  I have had on and off days with Week Two.  I completed the first session with no problem.  The next time I could barely get to the halfway point.  I almost completed the third session.  Yesterday, I made it to the halfway point and walked the rest of the session.  I am not moving on until I can complete all runs in all three Week Two workouts.  

Swimming.  On back burner until I am feeling well and it is warmer!

Nutrition.  I am feeling really good about my nutrition.  Today I made quinoa vegetable “fried rice.”  Last week I made quinoa veggie patties.  Yummy stuff!

Fitbit.  Well, I decided to go with the FitbitSurge.  I need an extra-large band so it on back order.  I can’t wait to get it!