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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday's Stroll

I had a nice four-mile walk today. It took me a while to get there and then I wanted to quit after walking two miles. I reminded myself why I was doing this. I want to run my next 5K nonstop. I want to participate in the Peachtree Road Race next year. I am not going to reach my goals by sitting on the sofa surfing the Internet. I am going to have to walk (and run) more than two miles to get across those finish lines.

There was no reason to stop. I wasn't tired. I wasn't in pain. I just didn't feel like doing it. So for this coming week part of my training plan is to spend each day visualizing myself running in the Big Pumpkin 5K. I still need to take a drive and check out the route. Perhaps I will do so after I write this blog. :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

I Can Do This!

Today was a good day. I needed to have this run without any walk breaks. I was starting to have huge doubts that I could run. I have been doing much better with my hydration. In fact, yesterday during my four-mile walk I thought my bladder was going to burst. I had to walk another mile before getting to the restrooms. It was not cute. I managed to get some restful sleep last night so this helped too.

I really need to focus on not worrying about what other thinks. I go through the same mental scenario. I’m too slow…. I’m too fat…. This is crazy…. While I know I need to work on the physical, improving my endurance and form. I also need to work on the mental aspects of running. I need to keep the negative self-talk at bay.

All in all it was a great week. I lifted weights twice this week and I complete my three runs. Consistency is going to get me across that finish line!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thirsty Thursday

Tonight’s run sucked! I was not happy at all. Within the first five minutes, I was taking a walk break. I am becoming more accepting that walk breaks are supportive of my running goals. I just do not understand why I am having such a hard time lately running nonstop. I’ve done it before.

More than anything I think it has to do with inadequate sleep and hydration. Even though I have been going to bed at a decent hour, I still find it hard to fall asleep until 11 or midnight. Tonight I plan to meditate for 15 minutes before going to bed. Hopefully, this will help.

I also need to do better with my hydration. Today I took a look at my pee. It’s way too yellow. I would say I was about a 4. Not too bad, but not good either.

I’m not good with drinking plain water consistently and I do not like putting a bunch of artificial sweeteners in my water. I’ve tried lemons and limes. This last for a couple of days and then I’m bored with it. Today when I was at Whole Foods I picked up some packets of Ultima Replenisher. I’ve had it before. It was pretty good. I feel comfortable drinking more than one packet of this a day before it doesn’t have any artificial junk in it. I think I’m going to get a large container tomorrow.

I also think I need to push myself more to build my endurance. Tomorrow I plan to walk four miles. The Elliptical is great exercise but I’m thinking my primarily cross-training activity should be walking. I have actually one month until the Big Pumpkin 5K and I’m feeling a little nervous….

On another note, I saw buzz on Twitter about FitBloggin’ being in Savannah next year. Since it’s only a six hour drive for me, I really should go. I mean I lurk on quite of few blogs and it would be nice to meet some of the people I follow.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Workout Wednesday

Today was supposed to be a run day. It's been raining all day. I haven't worked up the courage to run in the rain. I debated about completing my run on the treadmill. I decided against it. I've been doing so well. My knees don't do so well on the treadmill, even when I'm walking for more than a few minutes.

I decided I'd do weights and the Elliptical and pray it doesn't rain tomorrow. I was so sore yesterday. I felt pretty good until about 2 pm and then DOMS set in. I need to be more diligent about stretching and using my foam roller. This is one of the reasons why I'm not consistent about lifting weeks. So, I'm going to do my best to keep up with the twice a week routine, maybe add another day.

One of my Facebook friends posted something about a class she will be teaching. It starts October 3 and will run through the end of the year. Supposedly, this is the last 90 days of the year. This has me thinking about what I can accomplish for the last 90 days of the year. Well, I have three 5Ks planned. I plan to be more consistent with meal prep. If possible, I may take additional swim lessons.

During my ride from the gym I started thinking about what I'm going to do about running throughout the winter. I really do not like running on the treadmill. I guess I need to figure out what it is about my form or shoes or whatever it is that causing my knee to hurt after running on a treadmill.

I have one month until the Big Pumpkin 5K. I am starting to get nervous. I am not going to doubt myself. I am going to keep on working out. As long as I have done my best to prepare, this is all I can ask of myself, right?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bulu Box and Other Products

I did something very spontaneous this morning. I signed up for a subscription of Bulu Box. Right now they're having a 50% off sale. I signed up to a six-month subscription for $30 -- that's $5 a box! It was such a great deal I couldn't pass it up. I've seen reviews here and there on blogs and YouTube. I also figure that the stuff I don't use I can save and create a goodie box for my brother.

Speaking of trying out products, I purchased some tart cherry juice. Running While Chunky mentioned it on her blog so I had to try it. I was pretty good but way too sweet for my taste. I started adding water to it. I was worried about it being too sugary and spiking my blood sugar. Fortunately, my local Whole Foods starting selling the light version. So I was pretty happy about that. The main reason I wanted to try tart cherry juice is because it is suppose to have anti-inflammatory properties. We'll see....

A few weeks ago I also grabbed a tube of nuun. This was the same day I purchased that pepper spray. Now, it has been sitting on my dining room table. Someone I follow on Twitter mentioned it. I don't even remember what she said about it. I guess I'll give it a try one of these days.

I'm not one for taking a bunch of pills and supplements. I just decided to try all this stuff out of curiosity. I figure it can't hurt and it might help.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Motivational Monday

Today was strength training day. My goal is to lift weights at least twice a week. For the past two weeks, I have only lifted once a week. As much as I love lifting weights, I don't like the feeling the next day. I think I'm overdoing it so I tried to take it a bit easy today. I really need to create a plan and stick to it.

I also did 35 minutes on the Elliptical and a 10-minute cool down on the stationary bike. I feel pretty good.

Tomorrow I'm going for a four-mile walk. I want to make sure I keep up my cardio endurance. My 5K is a month away!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


For the past few Sundays I am been lurking on Twitter's #RunChat. Not much to say about it. I do try to find beginning runners to follow. Today while running, I notice a woman ahead of me who was running at my pace. I really wanted to caught up to her and have a chat. There are days I wish I had someone to run with. The only people I know who run are way too fast for me. They were be totally bored running at my pace. It would be more like fast walking for them.

Today's run was not so great. I had to take walk breaks but I finished. It was a great reminder that I need to get proper rest and eat properly..

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

This is how I feel about today's workout:

Monday, September 16, 2013

Motivational Monday

I spent over half the day talking myself in and out of going running today. Then, all of sudden, at 7:00, I got dressed and headed out of the door. Up until the end of my five-minute warm up, I thought I was going to end up walking. I started my "wog" and pushed through for the entire 30 minutes.

I had about ten minutes left and it started getting dark. There wasn't much traffic on the Greenway. I was not feeling so comfortable. When I had about three minutes left, I noticed this creepy looking dude. At that point, I pulled out my pepper spray and finished my cool down. I wasn't sure if it was the dude or the fact that it seemed dark earlier than usual that was making me uneasy.

Funny thing is I get on Facebook one of my friends, the one who has most inspired me to run, mentioned being at the Greenway and it getting dark all of sudden. She also mentioned that same creepy dude. It seems I missed her by about 15 minutes. I guess we both found out it is getting dark earlier now that summer is almost over.

I am glad I got out there and completed my workout. I kept reminded myself that I really want to give myself my best shot at meeting my goal of running nonstop during the Big Pumpkin 5K. The more I push myself now the better runner I will become.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Lazy Sunday

I have been so lazy today. I slept in. I did not go to church. I haven’t finished my laundry. I have not started my meal prep. I did not go for a walk as scheduled. I am not going to worry about it. I did use my foam roller and I will do some stretching as soon as I finish writing. Fortunately, I am off tomorrow so I will finish my laundry and food prep. I also plan to go for a 30-minute run.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gaining Confidence

I guess my confidence to run will come in time. Once again I found myself going back and forth about getting out there. Was I too sore from my adjustment and massage yesterday? Is having only one day of rest enough for me? The questions kept coming as I drove to the Greenway. How many times am I going to go through this? I know I can run 30 minutes! I reassured myself that even if I did no complete the run it was the effort that counts. There is no shame in walking.

About ten minutes into my workout, I thought about quitting. I thought about quitting right up until I have two minutes left. Each time I thought about quitting I told myself the effort was going to make me a better runner and to enjoy the moment. One thing I did notice is that at times I was breathing heavy even though it was not necessary. There are so many things to remember: pay attention to my form, my surroundings, my breath AND enjoy the journey. I have to say each time I finish I amaze myself.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Kneeling Psoas Lunge

I went to the chiropractor today for an adjustment and a massage. Boy, did it hurt so good! He kneaded my left glute like it was hardening Playdough. I could feel the release right away. He gave me some exercises to stretch the Psoas. He also recommended I start doing lunges. I am always afraid of lunges because I am afraid I am going to hurt my knees. Then again, I felt the same way about squats and I can do them now without any problems. He looked at my chart. Besides the time I hurt my knee trying to avoid not tripping over Rascal, I haven’t been to see him about my knees since September 2011. Now if I can get rid pesky tight glutes. I showed him the hip flexor stretch I’ve been doing. The stretch I was doing was static. He said it is fine but wants me to start lunging forward. I will eventually work up to a standing lunge.

Anyhow, this is what I will be working on for the next couple of months:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Birthday!

I did it! I ran 3.1 miles. It was my birthday present to me. I almost gave up before trying. I was so nervous. One of the things I noticed was that I had to hold back on my pace. I was worried that I was going to run out of steam. Whenever I started getting a little weary, I told myself…”you can take a walk break once you get to that cone, just make it to that tree…” Before I knew it, I was done!

I am still in disbelief. I can't believe I did it! I ran three miles nonstop! I’ve recently accomplished two of my fitness goals:

Completing the Couch to 5K plan
Running 3.1 miles on my birthday

Now my goal is to continue running three times a week (I’ll run another personal 5K in two weeks) and consistently doing strength training at least twice a week. Both my GYN and Endocrinologist keep telling me strength training will really help improve my health. I need to stick with it. Thank God tomorrow is a rest day. My arms are still sore from Tuesday's workout.

This has been one of the best birthdays. This afternoon I treated myself to a pedicure. Tomorrow I am getting an adjustment and massage.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

Today I saw my GYN for my annual exam. I am still amazed that my blood pressure continues to be in the normal range. Today it was 113/71. I also discussed with her that I have noticed that for the past month my hot flashes have increased. I was thinking I need a dosage adjustment on my HRT patch. She said, since my thyroid levels are okay, it probably has to do with the running. My body is making adjustment for the more intense exercise.

As far as she is concerned, I should just ride it out. She suggests I keep up the running and make sure I keep lifting the weights. It never occurred to me that running would affect my menopausal symptoms. I have been so concerned with my blood pressure, diabetes, and weight. The sweating has been pretty bad. I even had to switch to one of those clinical deodorants.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday's Training

I am not sure what to blog about, but I want to stick with my plan to blog more this month, so this will be short. Today I did and Elliptical workout and some weights. I can definitely notice improvement in my upper body strength.
I am so enjoying my staycation. After I was bummed that I wasn’t travelling but I think it has been good for me. I did not realize how tired I am. It is giving me the opportunity to rest and workout the way I would like to. It is going to be interesting to see if I can maintain this momentum once I begin work again next Tuesday.

Today I also did some window shopping. I want some new workout gear. I want to wear a nice orange neon shirt for the Big Pumpkin Run in month. If this is the case, I want to break it in now. This is where I get so frustrated. Why, oh why, is it so hard to find workout gear for big folks? We work out too. I get tired of having to order my gear online. For once, I would like to walk into a store and buy a nice shirt or shorts…and not spend an arm and a leg!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Motivational Monday

I do not even know how to explain how I feel right now. Accomplished? Inspired? Motivated? Excited? I did not do anything spectacular. I ran for 30 minutes…again. I was starting to doubt because I struggled on Saturday. I had to talk more walks than I would have liked. I attribute it to running too fast, well, at least for me. I was not running with music which helps me pace myself and drown out my heavy breathing.

Anyhow, after about four hours of going back and forth about whether to go to the greenway, I decided to try. I was so worried that it was not going to be good for me mentality if I wasn’t about to complete my workout. I prayed, grabbed my water and iPod, and headed out the door. The mind wanted to stop so many times! I was aware that it was just my mind and that my body was fine. Even when I noticed myself spending up a bit, I intentionally went back to my “normal” pace.

I am currently reading John Bingham’s No Need for Speed and it has really helped me get over being so self-conscious about my pace. I proudly post my workouts, along with my pace, on Facebook and Twitter. I remind myself that I am going faster than anyone sitting on their sofa. I am going faster than I was when I was sitting on that sofa.

I am not sure what compels me to keep getting out there putting one foot in front of the other. I do even know why I started with this crazy dream and goal. I do know that, for today, I felt like a runner.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Second Chance Sunday

Thinking about my workouts and food plan last week; what went well; what needs improvement.

I did a great job with meal prep. I am in the process of meal prep right now. I am having oven-baked fajitas again, sautéed kale, and baked salmon patties. On Friday I did treat myself to take out...a falafel plate -- Greek salad, hummus, and falafel. It was yummy. I ate all the salad and saved half of the hummus, pita, and falafel for lunch on Sunday.

My opportunities are with consistent working out. I only ran two days last week. My goal is to run three days. I am on vacation this week so there is no excuse for me not to meet my goal. I am planning to run a 5K on my birthday, Thursday.

I also planned to do strength/weight training twice a week. I only lifted weights one day. So my plan this week is:

Sunday - walk my new route. I want to calibrate my new route.

Monday - run my new route. Weights at the gym.

Tuesday - Elliptical

Wednesday - Walk. Weights at gym.

Thursday - Birthday 5K

Friday - Rest day -- I have an adjustment and massage scheduled.

Saturday - Run my new route.

Sunday - Walk

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Sweaty Saturday

I decided to try a new route this morning. I’m still kind of spooked about the dogs in my neighborhood. I get to the greenway and discover my iPod is completely dead. Run without music? I hate listening to my heavy breathing. I ALMOST went back home to charge up my iPod but decided against.

I did not do so well in the beginning. The first five minutes I struggled to find my pace. Music helps me with my pace. I think I was going way too fast because I had to stop and walk after about ten minutes. I remind myself that walk is okay and kept on going.

The next aggravation was not seeing any markers. I could have sworn when beginning the Couch to 5K with Bianca last year I saw mile markers. So, no app and no markers! Even though I run by time, I still like to know how far I have gone. After 30 minutes is up, I look down at my watch. I forgot to turn on my HRM! I have no ideas how many calories I burned. Now I am just pissed!
For whatever reason, I decided to do the loop again. I remember what I have read about doing too much too soon. Even though I felt I could have run for a few more minutes, I walked. Despite all the aggravation of the morning, it was a great workout! It was a beautiful day. It’s the first day of my birthday vacation. I am having second thoughts about my ability to run 3.1 miles on Thursday for my birthday. I am going to do my best. I do no one thing. I need my music!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WTH! Wednesday

It took me about 20 minutes to get out of bed this morning. I wasn’t feeling my workout but I prayed and went out to conquer it anyhow. I was feeling great. I gave myself a pep talk about how accomplished I was going to feel, it's only 30 minutes, etc.

Five minutes into my run, these two little dogs come out of nowhere barking up a storm. I stop and try not to panicked, pissed that I still haven’t gone to the store to get pepper spray. I keep talking myself out of it thinking it won’t be necessary. I’m standing there trying to be calm and this dude is taking his sweet time (at least this is my perception) getting his dogs! He didn't say, sorry maam; I'm going to get them; they won't bite; nothing. I wanted to say something to him but didn't want to provoke his dogs. Who knows...maybe he was speaking for the same reason.

I start running again. Five minutes later I see this guy with his dog. I'm thinking, really? Usually it's so quiet out here. Just me, a few cars, and people walking to the bus stop. I can’t tell if this dog is on a leash. In hindsight, I should have turn away as soon as I saw the dog. Now this dog is barking and charging toward me. The guy, who looked half asleep, takes his time pulling the leash. He at least says sorry and good morning. I run a few more yards and a car speeds pass me. I’m thinking this morning I’m either going to get bit or it. I head for home. I was able to complete a mile.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tasty Tuesday

This week I made Oven-Bake Chicken Fajitas. I have been seeing versions of this recipe floating on Facebook and other blogs. I used this one. The only change I made was excluding the diced tomatoes and adding crushed red pepper flakes. I also decided to have it as a salad instead of in tortillas. This is the reason I cut the chicken, peppers, and onions in chunks instead of strips. Yummy! This is definitely a keeper:

Monday, September 2, 2013

Motivational Monday

I love September – it is my favorite time of the year! I had every intention of running this morning, but my body said no. I wanted to try to run after one rest day but I think I better stick with two for a while. My back, neck, and shoulders were aching. It could be because I cleaned a closet yesterday. I lifted a bunch of boxes then I did some strength training later in the day. If I want to meet my goals, the best thing I can do is stay injury-free.

Next week I am getting an adjustment and a massage. I can’t wait! Everything I have read says that one of the biggest mistakes new runners make is pushing too much too soon. While I am so excited to get going, I have to curb my enthusiasm somewhat. So, instead of running (I thought about getting on the treadmill later today), I am going to do some yoga. It looks like rain so I may not be able to go for a walk. If not, I will hit the Elliptical at the gym. I also need to hit the foam roller!
My goals for this month:

50 Miles — I signed up for this 50-mile challenge on Daily Mile. I’m averaging about 2.5 miles each run. I know will not meet this goal but it is something that will help me stay focused.
Strength training — I am going to work on pumping the iron at least twice a week. I love deadlifts! This includes #PlankADay
Virtual 5K — I plan to run a 5K on my birthday. It is my birthday present to me! 
Healthier Eating – The key to healthier eating is meal planning and prep. As long as I prepare my food in advance, I’m good. I am also working on eating every two or three hours. This also includes my hydration. I am not good about drinking enough water. I do better with hot herbal tea. I do not use sweetener in my tea so it counts!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello September!

Hello September! I am feeling really good. I am right where I wanted to be with my running. I wish things were better in the weight department but that is coming. I was cleaning last weekend and saw my fat loss monitor. I need to take that out and start using it again.

So, now that I have the Couch to 5K passed me, I can slowly start getting back to the gym. Running really takes a lot out of me but I know that rest, hydration, and proper nutrition is going to help me become a better runner and drop some pounds.

I am starting the month off right and going to the gym later on today. I haven’t decided whether I am going to practice my swimming or hit the weights. I spent some time for the past two nights reading through some running blogs. I like one runner’s suggestion to run and do strength training on the same day. This way you could some other cross training like swimming, cycling, or yoga on a non-running day to give your body a break from high intensity work. The problem for me is that I do not know if I have enough energy on a running day to also do weights. I tried it a few times during the C25K and I was wiped out. I definitely want to get back to Spin class. I miss Spin. However, for me, Spin is like adding a fourth running day.  Again, rest, hydration, and proper nutrition are going to be key.

I have the following song on my running playlist. It really helps me through those tough spots: