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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 8 - Food Journal

Okay, this food journal is really opening my eyes. I am constantly learning the nutritional value and sources of the food I'm consuming. I had to Google whether or not greek yogurt is considered protein or dairy. Most sources are saying it's both.


Greek yogurt with pomegranate (dairy and protein)
Multigrain English muffin (carb)
Apple (fruit)
Coffee and water

I'm meeting a friend for a movie and lunch today. We never get snacks at the movies so I'm fine in that department. I'm not sure where we will be eating. Hopefully, I'll be able to get my usual salad with chicken. We'll see.


Berry smoothie with whey protein powder (fruit and protein)


Veggie sandwich (veggies and carbs)
Unsweetened tea

I really hate recording this but I need to be honest and transparent with myself. I skipped dinner last night. Instead I had a piece of cake, two slices of provolone cheese, and about seven olives.

Tomorrow's another day.

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  1. Food journaling is very eye opening. I have been logging since May and it is definitely a helpful tool. Hope you enjoyed the movie!