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Sunday, August 31, 2014

September, Sweaty, September

Today is the last day of the Awesome August challenge.  It was great! I’m down four pounds.  More than anything else I am very proud of myself for being consistent with my strength training.  It’s been a month now with working on the fundamentals.  I have been doing three full body workouts a week.  
This is the first time I have really stuck with a weight training plan.  I set up a profile at Body Space at   There is a tremendous amount of great information, training programs, and motivation on this site.  I think I’m ready to work on one of these plans BUT I’m a little apprehensive about working out in the free weights section of the gym.  I have to admit I am still working on building my self-confidence.  It will be okay.

Tomorrow I am also going to get back to my running.  I’m signing up for a November 5K.  I’m not sure how I’m going to do this.  I’m thinking about doing my running early mornings and keeping my strength training after work.  Not sure if I should do both on the same day or alternate days – this would mean I’m working out six days a week.  Right now I’m working on five or six days.  The sixth day is usually water aerobics, which isn’t too strenuous.   We’ll see how it goes.  

August was awesome.  September is going to be sweaty. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Daily Nutritional Commitments -- Part Two

I came up with the idea to establish three daily nutritional commitments (DNCs) from Jill Coleman.  I like her approach and philosophy to keep things simple and sustainable.  At the time I couldn't come up with three DNCs. 

I've been thinking about the third commitment for a few days.  This morning it dawned on me that my third commitment should be maintaining my daily food journal. Whether or like it or not, I do so much better when I keep a record of what I eat. This practice helps me to stay aware and conscious.  There are days I have no idea how little or much I've eaten until I complete my food journal.

I also like the fact that these commitments are not set in stone. I can change them at will.  For now, I think I will set with:

1. Eating breakfast
2. Eating protein with eat meal
3. Completing my food journal

Number three is also going to help me with my weight loss goals.  I need to do a better job of tracking my macros.  I do not eat nearly enough protein on some days.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Daily Nutritional Commitments

I love Jill Coleman.  Yesterday she posted this awesome piece about daily nutritional commitments. According to Jill, DNCs are supposed to be easy to do every day and leave very little wiggle room for getting into too much nutritional trouble.  

When I thought about it, I only have one DNC and that is to eat breakfast every day.  It has taken me a long time to get used to getting a daily breakfast and, to be honest, there I some days I really wish I could skip breakfast.

At any rate, I decided I am going to implement three DNCs as Jill recommends.  Mine are to:

  • Eat breakfast each day.
  • Have protein with each meal.

Truthfully, at this time I am having trouble coming up with a third commitment.  So, for now, I will continue working on these two.  I’d give myself an “A” with number 1.  I still have some work to do with number 2.  I'll give it some thought and see what my third commitment will be.

What I like about I am learning is that when it comes to good nutrition one size does not fit all.  I like to keep my food plan as simple as possible.  One other tip I learned from Jill Coleman’s site is to keep my food plan sustainable.  As I make changes or try new recipes, this is the question I ask myself:  Is this sustainable?  Can I see myself eating like this in a few months? If I can’t see myself doing something long term, I don’t try to force myself into it.  I try it and let it go.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Secret of Success

For the past three weeks I have been giving weight training a try.  I like to train with weights.  I have just never done it on a consistent basis.  Well, I found a full body plan that I like and I have been doing it three times a week.  Right now I am experimenting with the sets and reps.  I started off doing two or three sets of each exercise for 10 reps.  A couple of days I lower the weights and added another set.  A few days ago I read an article about varying the reps.  It’s a good approach for muscle growth.  Yesterday I did three sets varying the reps: 15 for the first set, 12 for the second set, and 8 for the third set.  I’m going to stick with this approach for the week.

I am also concerned that I am not burning as many calories with these workouts.  I usually do 10 minutes cardio as a warm up and a cool down.  Most times I do not have the energy to do any additional cardio after lifting.  However, that is the plan, eventually.

As a result, my running has taken a back burner.  I’m okay with it for now.  I’ll get back to it as soon as my body gets used to lifting on a regular basis.  One thing I am continuing to learn on this journey is not to be afraid to try new things.  “You live and you learn” is my motto.  

With this said, I am so happy to say that the scale is moving again.  I lost two pounds! In addition to the weight training, I have gone back to keeping my food journal.  I hate and resent the fact that I have to track my food BUT it is what is needed, for now, if I expect to achieve my goals.  I will keep working, trying, and doing whatever it takes to get fit.

On another note, I joined Healthy Loser Gal's Awesome August Challenge.  I always enjoy her challenges.  I need all the motivation and support I can get.  My goals this month are to:

1.  Weight training three times a week
2.  Meditate for at least 15 minutes a day
3.  Drink at least 64 oz of water
4.  Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep
5.  Try one new recipe a week
6.  Tweet something motivational each day using #hlgAWESOMEAug