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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Comparison: Biceps vs. Triceps

I’m really getting into the weightlifting. I think it is becoming my second love. I’ve been doing some research (reading, watching YouTube videos) and trying my best to make sure I am getting the maximum benefit from my workouts. One of the things I am very concerned about is flabby arms. My arms are pretty solid.  I have about 50 more pounds to lose and I don't want to have those batwings that some people get.

When I was home a month ago, my sister commented that my arms looked more tone. One thing I have noticed is that my biceps are more pronounced than my triceps. One reason for this is probably due to all of the plank and the push up challenges I’ve participated in.

So, last night I am reading and discovered that your triceps make up the majority of your upper arm. Who knew?
Yet, people, including myself, always want to show off their biceps. I can see some definition beginning in my arms. Yet, when I am doing tricep exercises, it’s pretty difficult to tell if I’m actually working the muscle.

With my biceps, it’s pretty visual. I guess that’s why the guys in the free weights area look in the mirror. (One of these days I am going to work up the nerve to work in that area. ) Anyhow, I need to keep studying. I also think that as I lose more body fat, my triceps will start to show too. What is all boils down to is clean, healthy eating – my nutrition.

I love Scott Herman on YouTube. He has some great instructional videos on proper lifting form. I can’t do a proper Bench Dip. I'll be working on achieving this.

Another person I really like is Jill Coleman. I like her more for the mental aspect of training. I actually discovered her on Comcast On Demand. I was looking for a quick cardio workout and she had a great beginner’s cardio kickboxing workout. I then started following her on Twitter and found out I really like her philosophy – she tweets quotes from Byron Kate, Miguel Ruiz, and others that I like.

From her I am learning how to be realistic about my fitness goals. While my genetics will dictate most of what my body is capable of, there are things, both physically and mentally, I can do to live a healthy lifestyle and be the best that I can be.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Strength Training: Phase One

Today I finished my second week of consistent strength training. I've been doing a full-body workout three times a week. I have been focusing on form and breathing. I start with 10 minutes on the Spin bike as a warm up. Last week I did two sets of each exercise. This week I did three sets of most exercises.

Leg Press - 195/10 two sets; 210/10 - one set - going to try all sets at 210 lbs next week
Leg extension - 30/10 - going to bump this up to 50 lbs next week
Lying Leg Curls - 20/10 - two sets - working up to three sets
Lat Pulldown - 100/10 - three sets
Vertical Chest - 65/10 - three sets
Tricep Pulldown - 75/10 - three sets
Preacher Curls - 35/10 - working up to three sets
Shoulder Press - 50/10 - three sets
Ab Crunch - 65/10 - three sets -
Low Back Extention - 45/10 - tried one set for the first time today - going to try two sets next week

I am really enjoying weight training this time around. I think it is because I have a clear plan and I feel more comfortable in the gym. I am also taking it a bit easy. Usually, I start of too strong. This time around I am taking my time; stretching and drinking water. I still need to work on getting proper rest. I have been going to bed earlier but I still do not fall asleep until about 11 or midnight.

The downside is that I haven't been running since the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th. I'm planning to get back in gear beginning next week. I really need to sign up for a race so I can stay focus.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

RunnerBox: The Products

There are all sorts of product goodies in this box. It is going to take me a while to get through all these products, so I am going to list them now.

Eden Quiet Moon – Nuts, Seeds, & Dried Fruit
2Toms – Blister Shield
the GOOD bean – Fruit & No-Nut Bar
Fluid Performance – Natural Sports Drink
Smooch – Mango, Pineapple & Banana Fruit Snack
Cherry Bay Orchards – Dried Montmorency Cherries
Kay’s Naturals – Protein Cookie Bites
Rani’s Granola
Jelly Belly – Sports Beans and Protein Recovery Crisps
Nuun Electrolyte Tab
Honey Stinger – Organic Energy Chews
and last but not least, a RunnerBox bandana? I’m not sure what this thing is…. The package says “The Original Multifunctional Seamless Wear."

I’m pretty excited about giving these items a try. I’ve wanted to try the Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews for a while. I’ve had the Jelly Belly Sports Beans. I used them during my Peachtree Road Race. I’ve never seen the Jelly Belly Protein Recovery Crisps. They sound interested. I already use nuun so I could also use an extra tab to keep in my bag.

Well, that's it for now. Off to do meal prep. I'm making my favorite Raise the Roof Sweet Potato Lasagna.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Back to the Box

So from time to time I participate in #RunChat’s Sunday Twitter chats*. Last Sunday I decided to participate in the Sunday chat just because I was still excited about completing Peachtree. Long story short, it was sponsored by Runnerbox that offered a code for free shipping. I decided to order the gift box.

I tried a six-month subscription to Bulu Box. I did discover two products that I have continued to use – Energems and Natural Calm. Overall, I was disappointed. With that said, I have been thinking about trying Runner Box, so this code was right on time. I received the giftbox, $24.95 yesterday. It’s packed with all sorts of stuff.

My first impression is that I should give RunnerBox a try. I initially went with Bulu Box because it was a monthly subscription. RunnerBox is a bimonthly subscription. There’s a “2 Box Starter Pack” I think I’ll order. Now that I am focusing on strength training, I’m looking for different protein and BCAA supplements to try.

It looks like there are about 10 or so products in this box. It's going to take a while to get through all these products, but I am looking forward to seeing what I discover.

*Did I mention I sported a #RunChat tattoo during the Peachtree Road Race?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Peachtree Road Race: What I Learned

Now that I have completed my dream race, I have been thinking about my next running goal. I know I will never be a fast runner. I do know that running consistently will help increase my pace. So, one of my goals is just to continue running and improving my time and pace.

My three takeaways from Peachtree/my first 10k are:

1. Trust my training – As long as I follow my training plan, I will be fine. I was very surprised how well I did. I really did expect to feel much worse than I did. I am sure that some of this had to do with my slow walk to the finish line. I started my training early. This will be my plan of action for my next 10k.
2. Pay better attention to the road – This should really be my number one lesson. There is no way I should have stepped in the puddle of water. I was so distracted trying to avoid the water spray that I wasn’t paying attention to where I was placing my feet. I could have injured myself.
3. Run my own race – Although I did a great job of this on the road, I was so worried before the race. I need to just focus on me and what I am doing. I think this will come with more experience in races.

Part of the hidden curriculum was the support that I received from all my family and friends. When I first started sharing that I wanted to become a runner, I was meant with some discouragement. I know many doubted me. As a result, I have learned not to share my running dreams and goals with everyone.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Peachtree Road Race: I did it!

I did it! 6.2 miles! What an emotional ride it was!

Once my wave gets to the starting line, I remind myself of my strategies and advice I’ve received to pace myself. Thankfully, it was a great day for a race in the ATL. It wasn’t that hot and there was a slight breeze.
Miles 1, 2, and 3 went like a breeze. I ran into trouble about halfway into mile 4 -- due to those darn water sprays! I was trying to get on the curb to avoid the water and accidentally stepped in a puddle of water. I was soooo upset! My right foot was soaked! It was all downhill, figuratively, after that. I tried changing my form a bit but that wet sock keep rubbing against my skin. I ended up walking across the finish line. At first I was a bit disappointed, but I decided I would be grateful that I finished.

The Peachtree Road Race has been on my fitness bucket list from day one. At the time, I thought it was a long shot. Today I am living proof that all it takes is one step, one day at a time. As I slowly walked to the finish line, I reflected on those times I could barely walk around the block. Now, there I was on a 6.2 mile course. Unbelievable!

This race is sooo much fun that you forget about time. I love all the cheering and I always stopped for the high fives and fist bumps from all the cute kids. As expected, Cardiac Hill is a very humbling experience. Even though it uphill, it's hospital row and there's the Shepherd Center that has spinal and brain injury patients sitting outside cheering you on.

Oh, I almost forget to mention one of the coolest parts of the race. At about 2.5 miles into my race, Meb (winner of the Boston Marathon) passed me. He started dead last and passed me! Unbelievable!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Peachtree Road Race: Tomorrow is the big day!

I'm so excited and nervous. I feel pretty good. I wish my right knee felt better. I broke down an took some Advil. I'll give it a quick icing before heading out. I'm going to take it easy. I have already resigned that I'm going to have to take walk breaks. This race has been on my fitness bucket list for four years. I'm going to have fun and get across that finish line. Hopefully, I will remember to take pics.