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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 7 - Food Journal

I'm going to try to follow my meal guide as closely as possible today. I already have some chicken thawing for tonight's dinner.


boiled egg (protein)
apple (fruit)
multigrain English muffin (carb)
coffee and water


Smoothie - triple berry mix (fruit), almond breeze, and chocolate whey protein powder (protein)

I saved half so I already have a snack for tomorrow


White tuna with basil and balsamic vingeratte (protein)
mini multigrain bagel (carb)
carrot sticks (veggie)


baked chicken (protein)
steamed kale (veggie)

I completed Day 7 of the Awesome August challenge with step aerobics, stretching, plank, and crunches. I am now up to 38 consecutive days of exercise!

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