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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 5 - Food Journal

Not having a great day today. Busy. Stressed. I've just been grabbing what I can to eat today. I need to take the time to plan my meals.


Greek yogurt w/raspberries
Coffee and water


1/2 cup pasta with sauce and ground beef


I wasn't hungry so I had an apple and cheese.

Snack/Inbetween meals

Green smoothie, popcorn, okray chips

Day 5 - Awesome August Challenge
Day 36 of exercise and counting!

Step aerobics and weight training

It's only been five days and I can already see how much I need to change my eating habits. I definitely need to increase my protein intake. I also need to do a better job sleeping.

I know things will get better for me once we figure out what we're going to be doing with the house, etc. Focusing on exercising has given me a great way to channel a lot of my stress and anxiety. I can only imagine how much of a wreck I'd be if I didn't have exercise, meditation, and pray. Now, if I could only get my eating in order.

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