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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today's Workout

was dedicated to my mother. I got up and walked 1.5 miles. It was like a whole other world out there. People walking, jogging, cycling. There was a bike ride going right through our subdivision and along the path where I walk so there was a lot of activity. It was different. I'm not used to getting up and walking at 8 in the morning but it's starting to get warm here. I'm a little concerned that it's still taking me about 20 minutes to walk a mile. My goal is to get my time down to 15 mins. by June 3rd. Anyhow, I then came home and did some stretching and 30 mins. strength training. I'm still feeling a little tight in my lower back. The workout felt great. I've been listening to Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope when working out this past week. Everytime I hit Together Again I've been thinking about my mother and I start crying. Today was the first time I made it through that song with crying. I still feel the sadness but I felt good and strong while lifting those weights. I found myself smiling and saying...Mother, this workout is dedicated to you. P.S. I lost another pound.

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