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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As you can probably tell, I'm a firm believer in all things spiritual. I am also a firm believer in all things that are life-affirming. With that said, I wanted to share some of the affirmations I do during my circuit training. I posted this affirmations months ago and decided to revisit them this week:

  • I am a perfect example of health and fitness

  • My fitness routine is enjoyable, energetic and easy.

  • My daily fitness routine gives me excellent results.

  • During my workout routine, I feel healthier and healthier by the minute.

  • I enjoy exercising and my fitness routine gives me unfathomable results.

  • My physical fitness clearly shows that I have a fitness regimen.

  • It is obvious that I enjoy working out daily.

  • My body is firm, healthy and metabolically fast.

  • My metabolism speeds up by the minute during my fitness routine.

  • I have a fast metabolism, a healthy spirit and friendly personality.

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