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Monday, April 27, 2009

Plug it in, plug it in

Since I am working on increase my pace, I created an upbeat, motivational playlist for my walks this week.

1. My Day - Canton Jones
2. Golden - Jill Scott
3. Stronger - Myron Butler and Levi
4. Back II Eden - Donald Lawrence
5. I Was Created to Worship - Bishop Andrew Merritt
6. Hero - Kirk Franklin
7. Could've Been - Kirk Franklin
8. We're Gonna Make It - LL Cool J and Mary Mary
9. Real - The Tommies

Today's walk went well. I was very pleased with my time. The last time I did this particular path it took me 55 mins. Today it took me 47 mins.

Paying close attention to my food intake last week reminded me that I do most of my heavy eating in the evening and late night. This has got to change.

My plan is to continue watching my portions and limit my snacking to low calorie items like popsicles and Medifast meals.

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