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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hotter than July

Funny! Today I was supposed to start my C25K training and I’m a week ahead of schedule thanks to Bianca.

Really nervous right now.  Today I’m going to inquire about swimming lessons at Swim Atlanta.  I can’t express the amount of fear I’m experiencing right now.  I’ve been thinking about this off and on since I started the blog.  Now is the time!  Hopefully, I won’t chicken out.  If I do, I’ll try again tomorrow.  The next session starts July 14th.

My legs are feeling a little sore and my knees are tight.  Today my plan of action is stretch, stretch, stretch, ice, ice, ice.  It’s going to be over 100 degrees today so a long walk is out of the question.  I’ll probably go to the gym for a bike ride.  Water aerobics is a maybe for me today. 

Cooking for the week today – Turkey Quinoa Meatloaf and No-Mayo Avocado Chicken Salad.

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