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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

C25K Training: Week Two, Day Three

I did it!  My goal today was to finish all the runs strong and to have fun.  I did both!  I even picked up my pace a bit on the last run.  I'm gaining confidence and stamina.

The biggest lesson I learned this week is not being afraid to push myself.  I start to panic when my breathing gets too heavy.  I'm reminding myself that as long as I'm still breathing I'm fine.  I also make sure I'm not getting too tense in my shoulders.  I have a tendency to do this and start holding my head down.  I make sure I'm maintaining correct form and think of a mantra, quote, or scripture to get me through.  It worked.  Before I knew it my workout was complete.

Oh, and I found out I'm actually completing about 3.4 miles these mornings.  I continue walking after my cool down. My guessimate was 2 miles.  So, my goal will be running the entire course, nonstop, once I complete the Couch to 5K. 

I really nervous about starting Week Three on Saturday.

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