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Saturday, July 14, 2012

C25K Training: Week Four, Day 1

For the past two days I have been mentally preparing for a 4 min. run, 2 min. walk, 3 min run, 4 min. run, 2 min walk.  Imagine my surprise this morning when I realize Week Four, Day 1, is really two 4 min runs and a 6 min run! WTH!?! The couch potato Sheila wanted to go back to bed but the 5K Sheila said, “Let’s do this!” 

I’m so happy to say, “I did it!”  My legs are still burning! I did alter my route a bit so I wasn’t going up this little incline during my 6 min run.  I saved it for my last 4 min run and it was fine.  In fact, I think I had another minute left in me.  I am very grateful to God to have made it this far.  I am going to continue to trust the process and Spirit to help me through this journey. 


Now that my neck and back are feeling better.  I'm going to add weights back into my training.


I have my first swim lesson today.  I'm sooooooo nervous!

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