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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Sweaty Saturday

I decided to try a new route this morning. I’m still kind of spooked about the dogs in my neighborhood. I get to the greenway and discover my iPod is completely dead. Run without music? I hate listening to my heavy breathing. I ALMOST went back home to charge up my iPod but decided against.

I did not do so well in the beginning. The first five minutes I struggled to find my pace. Music helps me with my pace. I think I was going way too fast because I had to stop and walk after about ten minutes. I remind myself that walk is okay and kept on going.

The next aggravation was not seeing any markers. I could have sworn when beginning the Couch to 5K with Bianca last year I saw mile markers. So, no app and no markers! Even though I run by time, I still like to know how far I have gone. After 30 minutes is up, I look down at my watch. I forgot to turn on my HRM! I have no ideas how many calories I burned. Now I am just pissed!
For whatever reason, I decided to do the loop again. I remember what I have read about doing too much too soon. Even though I felt I could have run for a few more minutes, I walked. Despite all the aggravation of the morning, it was a great workout! It was a beautiful day. It’s the first day of my birthday vacation. I am having second thoughts about my ability to run 3.1 miles on Thursday for my birthday. I am going to do my best. I do no one thing. I need my music!

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