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Monday, September 9, 2013

Motivational Monday

I do not even know how to explain how I feel right now. Accomplished? Inspired? Motivated? Excited? I did not do anything spectacular. I ran for 30 minutes…again. I was starting to doubt because I struggled on Saturday. I had to talk more walks than I would have liked. I attribute it to running too fast, well, at least for me. I was not running with music which helps me pace myself and drown out my heavy breathing.

Anyhow, after about four hours of going back and forth about whether to go to the greenway, I decided to try. I was so worried that it was not going to be good for me mentality if I wasn’t about to complete my workout. I prayed, grabbed my water and iPod, and headed out the door. The mind wanted to stop so many times! I was aware that it was just my mind and that my body was fine. Even when I noticed myself spending up a bit, I intentionally went back to my “normal” pace.

I am currently reading John Bingham’s No Need for Speed and it has really helped me get over being so self-conscious about my pace. I proudly post my workouts, along with my pace, on Facebook and Twitter. I remind myself that I am going faster than anyone sitting on their sofa. I am going faster than I was when I was sitting on that sofa.

I am not sure what compels me to keep getting out there putting one foot in front of the other. I do even know why I started with this crazy dream and goal. I do know that, for today, I felt like a runner.

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