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Monday, September 2, 2013

Motivational Monday

I love September – it is my favorite time of the year! I had every intention of running this morning, but my body said no. I wanted to try to run after one rest day but I think I better stick with two for a while. My back, neck, and shoulders were aching. It could be because I cleaned a closet yesterday. I lifted a bunch of boxes then I did some strength training later in the day. If I want to meet my goals, the best thing I can do is stay injury-free.

Next week I am getting an adjustment and a massage. I can’t wait! Everything I have read says that one of the biggest mistakes new runners make is pushing too much too soon. While I am so excited to get going, I have to curb my enthusiasm somewhat. So, instead of running (I thought about getting on the treadmill later today), I am going to do some yoga. It looks like rain so I may not be able to go for a walk. If not, I will hit the Elliptical at the gym. I also need to hit the foam roller!
My goals for this month:

50 Miles — I signed up for this 50-mile challenge on Daily Mile. I’m averaging about 2.5 miles each run. I know will not meet this goal but it is something that will help me stay focused.
Strength training — I am going to work on pumping the iron at least twice a week. I love deadlifts! This includes #PlankADay
Virtual 5K — I plan to run a 5K on my birthday. It is my birthday present to me! 
Healthier Eating – The key to healthier eating is meal planning and prep. As long as I prepare my food in advance, I’m good. I am also working on eating every two or three hours. This also includes my hydration. I am not good about drinking enough water. I do better with hot herbal tea. I do not use sweetener in my tea so it counts!

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