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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gaining Confidence

I guess my confidence to run will come in time. Once again I found myself going back and forth about getting out there. Was I too sore from my adjustment and massage yesterday? Is having only one day of rest enough for me? The questions kept coming as I drove to the Greenway. How many times am I going to go through this? I know I can run 30 minutes! I reassured myself that even if I did no complete the run it was the effort that counts. There is no shame in walking.

About ten minutes into my workout, I thought about quitting. I thought about quitting right up until I have two minutes left. Each time I thought about quitting I told myself the effort was going to make me a better runner and to enjoy the moment. One thing I did notice is that at times I was breathing heavy even though it was not necessary. There are so many things to remember: pay attention to my form, my surroundings, my breath AND enjoy the journey. I have to say each time I finish I amaze myself.

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