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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Week Two Wrap Up

Today was I scheduled to walk 30 mins. I was so nervous about it. Again, I was allowing my mind to get me so worked up about it. Am I going to be able to walk that long? Why did you start this crazy venture?

It was the first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning. I have to walk 30 minutes today. I had to yell at myself to quit worrying about it Are you ready to go out walking now? No! Then, shut up about it, I told my mind.

After a very cold week, the weather was beautiful. I decided to go walking along "the professional path" as I call it. It's a path where people walk, jog, and cycle. I like it because there are quarter mile markers along the way. I was nervous. 30 minutes is the longest duration I've had to walk since beginning my training. I had a little trouble during the last 10 minutes. My hands starting getting cold, and my lower back started to spasm a bit. I was so tempted to stop. I refused to let my mind tell me my body couldn't to it. I ignored all that fear and kept on walking. I focused on my breathing and my stride and completed my session like a champ. I walked a little over 1.25 miles! I couldn't believe it.

I stood along the river for a while and stretched and gave thanks. Then, I went to my favorite little spot, meditated and watched the ducks for a while. It was a beautiful ending to a rather stressful week.


I attended a nutrition class this morning. A lot of the stuff I already knew. For the most part, I am disappointed in the class. I like what she said about being in tune with your body, listening to your body, and asking it what it needs.

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