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Friday, November 16, 2012

Abs are Made in the Kitchen, not the Gym

So I have been working out with cardio and weights for about two weeks.  I really want to maximize my workouts for results.  I do think the interval cardio training is going to help.  Last night I was doing some reading about lifting for weight loss.  I started coming across all these comments about abs being made in the kitchen, not the gym.  I’ve heard this many times before.  I have a general idea of what it means but decided I’m going to do some further research on it so I can revise my food plan.  I want to have a good idea of what I plan to do because discussing it with my OA sponsor.  I want this to be a lifestyle change, not a diet. 

During the past two weeks, I am aware that I need to focus on core and upper body strength.  I also want to get rid of this belly fat.  I know six pack abs are not realistic.  I’ve had three abdominal surgeries so I know those muscles are pretty shot but I can work on getting rid belly fat.  No excuses!


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