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Thursday, November 22, 2012

21-Day Challenge Wrap Up

Yesterday was the last day of the challenge. I exercised 18 out of 21 days. Not bad. One of the three days it was a conscious choice. The other two days I was just plain lazy. My area of opportunity continues to be lack of sleep. I really need to work on my sleep schedule. I’m even thinking about doing this again and challenging myself to go to bed at a certain time. I may sign up again on December 1. We’ll see. What did I learn? I learned that 45 minutes isn’t as long as I thought. In fact, most of my workouts were at least an hour long. Yesterday I also noticed that I am beginning to feel changes in my body. I'm usually wiped out. I felt more energetic after my workout yesterday. I do think this has more to do with my food plan rather than the exercise. I have to keep in mind how much these two work in conjunction. This is good because now my focus is on tweaking my food plan. I still need to have a conversation with my OA sponsor but I need to have a clear plan in mind. I’ve been reading and researching. My plan is to have it in place by December 1.

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