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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Test Results Are In

I'm not happy. I obviously have not been eating right for the past four months. My numbers are up a bit. The proof is in the test results.

A1c - 6.4. It was 6.0. Even though my doctor's goal for me is 6.5, I wanted it to be lower. I really want to get off this medication. I hope she doesn't want to increase my meds again. I thought I was doing great on this lower dosage? What happened to my goal of being in the 5% club????

Cholesterol - 156. It was 130. This is what you get when you get buttered popcorn two or three nights a week. Even though I have this habit under control NOW, the test results show what it was doing to my health. Wise up, Sheila!

Triglycerides - 141. It was 129. You still want butter on that popcorn?

HDL - 50. This remained the same.

Vitamin D level - 34.9. It was 37.6.

Okay, I've been procastinating for the past hour about going out for a walk. This should be incentive enough. See ya!

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