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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Plan to fail or fail to plan

Failures don't plan to fail; they fail to plan.
--Harvey MacKay

Mealing Planning

For the past two weeks I have been working with a plan. After haphazardly keeping a food journal for a few weeks, I have learn that my eating becomes out of control when I do not plan my meals. This is one of the reasons I did so well on Medifast. At the beginning of the day, I would plan my meals. Some days, I would take out all the little packets. When they were gone, I knew I was done eating for the day.

When I am at a loss for something to eat, I grab anything.... NOT GOOD.

As a result, I have been choosing recipes and spending some time cooking on Sundays. This is working for me. I know how many servings are in each dish.

Last week I made a red pepper and goat cheese fritata, vegetable soup, stir-fry vegetables, and chicken and black bean echiladas. In addition to salad,I was able to make meals based on these dishes. I took a few pictures that I will upload sometime this weekend.

I just spent some time online looking through recipes. My purse strings are a little tight this week (thanks to an unexpected bill from the IRS). I went through my freezer and pantry to get an idea for what I had on hand. So, based on a pack of chicken, turkey breast, a bag of frozen spinach and cans of beans and tomatoes, I will be making the following tomorrow:

Lemon pepper chicken
Oven-roasted turkey breast
Zucchini and squash soup
Red pepper hummus
Stir-fry veggies

Exercise Log

I've been keeping my own exercise log. I started the log on 10/20. This is working out well for me. It's nice to take a peek at my progress throughout the day to keep me motivated. I was amazed at the amount of exercise I did on Thursday! I had already completed my exercise goal for the day. I had to go to the office for a meeting. My manager asked if I was going to the gym while I was there. Truthfully, I wasn't planning to go. But, I packed my bag and stopped by the gym for a 30-minute workout after the meeting.

This log is great! I know Kimberly keeps track of our workouts. I decided I need to take ownership and keep a record of my own.


In addition to Bella's Countdown to Christmas Challenge, I started participating in Bob's (Biggest Loser Trainer) Daily Challenges. Both of these will be great motivitational tools to get me through the end of the year.


I also made a goal to find and post a motivitational quote every day this month. I find this is helping me stay focused.

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