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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Renewed Contract

I signed up for another 15 sessions (plus two free sessions) with Kimberly. This time we took my measurements and weight. BTW, Dr. Glaser, I weigh 2lbs. less on the gym scale than I do on my scale. It's also 10 lbs less than your scale--so there! Lol!

Seriously, I don't know which scale is right. It doesn't matter. Kimberly says I should go by my scale since it's the one I use regularly. I tend to agree with her.

We did 13 mins. cardio - walking outside around the building. I'm getting less paranoid about this. It feels weird walking outside with Kimberly and that big "PERSONAL TRAINER" on the back of her t-shirt. Lol!

I'm getting to know the exercises and machines a little more when Kimberly quizzed me.

It felt good to sweat today.

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