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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Powbab Review

The first product I tried from my October Bulu box is Powbab Baobab Superfruit Chews

Great smell! They had a nice fruity taste for the first couple of chews. The more I chewed the chalkier the taste became.
I’m really not sure what these chews are supposed to do. They’re supposedly an “everyday health booster.” One chew meets the daily antioxidant needs, the equivalent antioxidant level of:

- 2.5 tomatoes
- 2.5 cups of spinach
- .5 orange

I definitely would not buy these on my own. Mainly because I’m not convinced this is something beneficial and they remind me of Starburst candy.

I’ve taken calcium chews before. I gave them an honest effort for a few months. They were probably doing some good but without being able to notice any difference I wasn’t motivated to continue taking them. I’m sure I’d end up doing the same with these Superfruit chews. I give them two thumbs down!

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