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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rest and Recovery

I have not been feeling so well today so I did not jog today.  I'm planning to go out tomorrow so I'll be on a Sunday - Tuesday - Thursday schedule and then go back to Saturday - Monday - Wednesday.  In fact, if all goes well, I'll be a couch to 5K grad on Tuesday.  Yay! 

I did do some mental work on my first 5K.  I checked out the course today.  I drove the course and visualized myself running it.  It's not as bad as the AIDS 5K I walked last October out of the same park.  I was worried about this one hill because it was tough walking.  In fact, my friend almost had an asthma attack while walking up that hill.  I'm very grateful to God the course is different. 

Today I went to an arts festival so I did a lot of walking.  I could feel that my body is tired.  It was confirmation that I made the right choice in taking today off.  I also have a slight headache so I've been working on resting and hydration.  The fatigue is also probably because I worked seven straight days. 

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