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Monday, August 27, 2012

30 Minutes

Thirty-minute run today.  I felt pretty good.  I was on my way to pushing and then one of my worst nightmares happen --  one of my neighbor’s dogs started chasing me.  This is a huge fear for me because when I was a child I ran from a dog.  My uncle picked me up and he ended being bitten.  Fortunately, this dog’s bark was bigger than her bite.  I had to stop and wait for the dog to be retrieved.  I ran an extra minute or two to make up for the delay but I wasn’t able to get an accurate assessment of my progression on distance.  I’ll try again on Wednesday. 

Now, I don’t feel like it’s getting any easy for me to run.  I’m still pretty wiped out.  Today while I was meditating I realize that I can’t expect to unto 30 years of sitting on the sofa with 30 minutes of running when I’ve only been doing it less than a month.  I’ve made a lot a progress and I have to watch the internal, negative chatter.


I also went to my quarterly doctor’s appointment.  I have a new doctor.  Dr. G took some time off to deal with some family issues.  Anyhow, I like her.  She was able to test my A1c right in her office.  It’s 6.0.  I’ll find out the rest of my numbers in a week. 

After my appointment, I dropped by a friend’s house and her husband immediately commented on my weight loss.  I was a bit shocked because according to the scale I’ve only lost a pound.  People have been making comments here and there.  I’m not sure I see it. 

I just need to stick to my food plan, continue exercising, and stay off the scale!

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