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Monday, March 30, 2009

Spirit of a Marathon

My blogging over the next few weeks will be a little different. There's only so much you can say about walking a mile, a training plan or a playlist. Today, I want to spend some time on the documentary, Spirit of a Marathon. This movie was mentioned on another blog and I immediately queued it up on my Netflix account. During the last month of my training I watched it over a dozen times. I'm always inspired by the life stories of others. I love memoirs and biographies so this DVD was right on time for me. Basically, it chronicles the lives of a diverse group of runners training for the Chicago Marathon from female champion Deena Kastor to Kenyan Daniel Muturi to this a single mother (first-time marathoner) who starting running to lose weight.

There are professional marathoners and people who for run for the simple enjoyment and challenge. Below are some of favorite quotes from this documentary.

Sometimes the moments that challenge us the most define us.
--Deena Kastor


When you come across that finish line, no matter how slow or how fast, it will change your life forever.


People ask me why I run the marathon. I do it for the t-shirt.


It's not necessarily about a destination of just getting from the start line to the finish line. It's about the journey we are on.


I must confess that I watched it again today. I'm almost sad to return it. It served as such a wonderful motivational tool during my last month of training. I do look forward to seeing what will inspire me over the next nine weeks.

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