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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weeked Workouts

My November workouts have gotten up to a pretty rough start. Yesterday I lasted 10 minutes. There was sharp pain in my left hip area. I didn’t want to risk serious injury so I stopped, went home, and did some stretching. I also used my massage ball.

Today I was just plain lazy. I did not want to go to the gym or to the park. I procrastinated until about 5 pm and then I headed to the park. I initially said I was going to walk four miles but decided not to overdo it. I still ended up overdoing it a bit. I did a slow jog for the last .25 mile. It felt pretty good. I worked out the kink on my left side with my massage ball.

I definitely need to stay on top of this. My left side feels better but my right knee gave me a little trouble coming down a slight incline. As much as I focus on my form and have been fitted with three different brands of sneakers now, I still have this imbalance problem.

I know part of the problem is my inconsistency with the exercises and stretches Dr. Smith gave me. If I can do my part, I am sure it will help the situation. I have 25 days until my next 5K.

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