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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's Time to Take a Spin

When I joined LA fitness in November, I chose this specific gym because the classes are included in the membership fee and it’s one of the few gyms around here that has an indoor pool. One of my intentions in January is to begin taking spin and aquafit classes. In preparation, I did a cardio workout in the spin room to get used to riding on a spin bike. I was surprised by how different was from riding a regular stationary bike. It took me a few tries but I think I finally adjusted the bike to “comfortable” set up. I viewed a few YouTube videos last night and I think I may need to raise the handles a bit. Overall, it was a pretty hard workout. I’m pretty sore today but not so sore that I cannot walk. I’m going to do a few more workouts on my own. While I’m feeling nervous and a bit self-conscious about taking a group class, I am excited that I am in enough shape to even consider taking a 45-min cardio class.

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