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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Good, The Bad, The Encouraging

I just returned from my doctor's appointment. I like my new doctor. I think Dr. G did a great job in choosing her to take over her patients. She has the same approach about prescribing as little medication as possible. Well, according to her scale, I've gained five pounds since my visit three months ago. The encouraging news is that she thinks it may be due to the results of my thyroid test. My TSH is 4.21. I think that's the highest it's been. Anyhow, she wants it to be around 2.0. So, she's going to work on tweaking the dosage on my Synthroid. This gives me encouraging hope that my efforts have not been in vain. I truly believe I've been giving it my all during my workouts. Hopefully, getting my thyroid regulated will help kick my metabolism in gear. The bad news is that my A1c went it. Last visit it was 6.0. The visit it was 6.1. It's not that big of a deal but my goal is to get it under 6.0. My plan of action is to make sure I'm getting enough protein and work on paying more attention to my carb intake. The good news is that she's cutting my cholestoerol meds in half! My total cholesterol is still 100. My HDL is 65 and my LDL is 19. So I have some work to do. I already set a goal to add more green veggies to my food plan. I think this will help lower my A1c. There's not that much I can do about my thyroid besides take my medication. I will continue to monitor my fat intake and eat my oatmeal for breakfast.

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