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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend Work Out

I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm sore. This means I'm really working those muscles. I haven't work out like this on my own in a while. I can really tell I'm getting more out of my workouts. I owe it all to Kimberly. She's showed me some great exercises and taught me how to balance my workouts.

Friday 10 leg lifts each side - 2x
10 leg lifts both - 2x
15 crunches - 2x
10 squats - 2x

Saturday 10 squats - 2x
15 crunches - 2x
Walked 1.8 miles - 33 mins. (goal was 30 mins.

I'm resting today. I'm sore and my right shoulder has been sore all weekend it. I've been doing some stretching and will repeat Saturday's workout tomorrow and Thursday's workout at the gym on Tuesday. I'll be back in Kimberly's capable hands on Wednesday.

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