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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sweaty Saturday

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling well so I saved my run/walk for today, in addition to strength training. I can’t believe I good I feel right now.

First, I was bummed. I get on the treadmill only to discover the battery on my iTouch was dead. Run without music? Well, okay…. I then realized it was going to be hard without the prompts. I decided to run ¼ mile, walk ¼ until I completed two miles. Running that last ¼ was a bit hard but I did it.

I keep reminding myself how proud I am going to feel crossing that finish line. Today my mantra was “push – pray until something happens.” I am so grateful for the willingness to work on this fitness goal.

I am so worried I lost a lot of fitness when my back and knee was bothering me. Apparently, I did not lose as much endurance as I thought. I think I could have gone a bit longer but I did not want to push it too much and risk injury.
I’m looking forward to Aquafit tomorrow.

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