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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Week One, Day One

First of all, I was planning to start the first week in July.  My friend had other plans. 

I was up early worrying about whether or not I'm ready, hoping my knee is strong enough, praying it wouldn't be too hot, etc.

It went really great.  I had to slow down my pace but I managed to keep up.  She was able to give me some pointers about my form and pace between runs.  It was over before I knew it!  This is always the best feeling after working out day after day, week after week, and not feeling I'm getting anywhere.  Well, based on today's workout, I've made some progress.

More than anything, I am very touched that someone would take time out of her weekend to train with me.  She's going to be training for a half marathon soon so I know what we're doing isn't very challenging for her.  She could have spent the time running instead of coaching me. She said she just understands what I'm going through, believes in me, and wants to help. She's lost 100 pounds and completed her first 5K in March so I know what she says comes from the heart. I'm very grateful I met her.

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