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Friday, June 22, 2012

Couch to 5K Prep

My Elliptical workouts have been going really well.  I’m up to 25 mins 2x + 30 mins cycling.  I suspended my weight training for the past two weeks because I hurt my back.  I do see how  the Elliptical is helping to strengthen my knee and improve my cardio health.  I’ve been focusing on some new stretches for my quads and hamstrings.  I can’t believe how tight my quads are. 

I’m getting really anxious about trying this Couch to 5K again.  The third time is a charm, right?  My friend who has completed it gave me some great advice.  I’m probably going to repeat weeks until I feel comfortable.  I’m not going to push to move on just for the sake of completing the program “on time.”  I have plenty of time (three months) to train for my race.  So, I’m going to take it slow.  I’m also going to train outdoors instead of the treadmill.  I am also doing something different and asking for more help.  I’ve asked her to train with me every once in a while.  This will also give me a good feel for what it’s like to run with another while focusing on my own pace.  It will be good practice on learning how to run on own race.

On another note,  I’m a little frustrated that I’m not dropping any weight.  I switched back to eating five to six times a day.  I stopped because it felt like I was eating all the time and I was afraid it was going to trigger bingeing.  The compulsive overeater in me is better with this approach now.  My new mantra is food is fuel, not therapy.  So, when I eat, I remind myself that I am fueling my body and taking care of myself.  I remind myself that this is a lifestyle, not an eating plan. 

The last thing I’m doing is my mental training.  I work with my affirmations, prayer, meditation, and my vision board.

UPDATE:  My friend just sent me a text.  Apparently, I'm started Day 1 tomorrow.  Too funny! I thought she wanted to meet for coffee.  I'm ready!

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