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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

C25K: Week One, Day Three

Yay! Completed all my runs today! I made it up that little incline today! Praise God! Now, I’m tired. Lol! I still think it’s best for me to do my C25K training in the mornings.  It’s barely 7 am and it’s starting to warm up.  It’s nice and cool at 5:30 am.  Today, there was also a nice breeze…probably due to a tropical storm in Florida.  Also, the traffic in my neighborhood starts up about 6:15 just when I’m wrapping up so I need to make sure I’m out of that mess.  I’m sticking with my plan to complete the C25K workout and then walk.  So my C25K workout lasts about an hour.  I also need to remember to wear my HRM so I know how many calories I'm burning. This evening I’ll do 30 minutes cycling to keep my knee nice and strong.

Today I really paid attention to my breathing and form.  I need to remember to breathe from my belly and keep my head up. 
Tomorrow it’s back on the Elliptical.  I decided that instead of increasing the time I’m going to increase the resistance.

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