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Friday, April 4, 2014

Three Months!

I have exactly three months to get myself together for the Peachtree Road Race. Today I completed Week 8, Day 1. I almost blew it. As I was driving to the greenway, it started to rain a bit. I turned away. No way am I running in the rain, I told myself. I thought about going to the gym. My knees don't like running on the treadmill. I'm doing my best to stay injury-free. So, I go back home and hop on my laptop.

Thirty minutes later, I notice it's not raining. I head back out. I realize I cannot be a wimp. There is a possibility it may rain on July 4. It was kind of rainy last year. So I am going to make it a point to train in the rain over the next three months. I will be finishing up the plan next month. Then I just start working on distance and endurance. I also need to work on tackling some hills.

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