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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Engine 2 Challenge

I am thinking about starting the Engine 2 Diet Challenge. I watched Knives over Forks a couple of years ago. For the most part, I have been semi-vegetarian. I really do not like meat, never had. I just do not like the texture. However, I do like a nice burger. I also like chicken and fish.

Right now, I probably eat red meat once every two or three months and chicken two or three times a month. Well, I take that back, I eat turkey sausage almost every day for breakfast. Other than that, I get most of my protein from beans and protein powder.
Today I felt like crying. I’m sick and tired of being tired. I know a lot of it has to do with my consistent running. The other part is my thyroid. I am convinced this increased dosage is doing nothing for me. If I go back, she’s only test me again and probably give me another increase.

So, I have been researching thyroid function to see if making any nutritional changes might help. This is one of the reasons I am thinking about doing the challenge. I have already tried a few of the recipes. I especially liked the Raise the Roof Sweet Potato Lasagna. I think it will be challenging and interesting to see if I can get more sustained energy from eating a plant-based diet.

Well see….

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