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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Flooded Out: Week Eight, Day 3

I spent all day looking forward to my workout. I signed up for the health and wellness program through my employer so I was also anxious to earn points for my workout. Double the benefits. Since it had been raining like crazy for the past two days, I was so grateful that the weather had improved. I thank God.

Four o'clock couldn't come fast enough. I put on my HRM, my sneakers, grabbed my iTouch,a bottle of water, and headed out the door. I made a left into the Greenway and encountered a closed gate with this sign:

My heart sank. A huge part of me just wanted to go to Wendy's a get a large fries. Instead, I texted a few friends and headed out for plan B. Traffic was horrible. Because I've been doing great with my hydration, I had to pee. So, I stopped at the grocery to pee and pick up some zucchini. It then dawn on me that plan B wasn't going to work because that path is along the river. It was probably flooded too.

The gym is a no-go around 5. No way was a going to get a treadmill. Plus, I needed one for more than 30-minutes. On top of that, I don't want to risk injury by running on a treadmill, if I can help it. So....I decided to try my back-up gym at my complex. It was crowded too--only two treadmills there.

In the end I decide to do strength training and pray the path(s) is/are clear for tomorrow. If not, I will do what I can on the treadmill tomorrow.

Now, I'm off to try a zucchini chips with sea salt and paprika recipe.

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