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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

C25K: Week Three - Modified

On vacation in my hometown.  My Dad's wife invited me to go to the rec center with her.  Mind you, she's 74 years old.  She wore me out.  We were there for over two hours!

I felt very intimidated by Week Four, so I did a modified version of week three.  Run three minutes, walk three minutes for 30 minutes.  I did every run.  I then walked an additional 30 minutes.  Normally, this would have been enough for me.  My Dad's wife, who was walking on the treadmill next to me, goes...okay, let's cycle for about 30 minutes.  What? Okay, fine.  When those 30 minutes were up, she goes...let me show you the rest of the facility.  We go in the weight room and she jumps on a machine for about five minutes.  I'm more than impressed.  She's 74 yr. old!  She's in great shape.  We then go into another cardio room and hop on these crosstrainer machines for another 30 minutes.  I had a great time with her.  According to my HRM, I burned 891 calories!  This is twice my usual burn.

The place is huge, indoor swimming pool, indoor track....  Tomorrow we're going to do her usual four miles on the indoor track and then get in the pool for a while.

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