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Friday, April 30, 2010

Fitness is Learning - Self Discipline

Self Discipline

Self Discipline is when you tell yourself to do something and you don’t talk back. ~source unknown

What do I think of when I think self discipline? I think focus. I am always impressed with those individuals who workout on a regular basis. I can think of a few individuals who go to the gym – no matter what. I don’t know about you but I often envy those individuals who have the self discipline to reach their goals. They make up their minds to do something and like the Nike commercials say -- just do it.

When I was working out with Kimberly, I would go to the gym every Monday and Wednesday at 4:30. Without fail, there were always the same individuals at the gym. Even on those days I worked out on my own, the same individuals were there working out. What focus! What self discipline! When I started going to the gym on the regular, I felt self conscious.

For this term, I have decided to find out how to develop self discipline. Can it be taught? If so, how?

First, I think it is important to understand the meaning of self discipline. Here’s a definition from discipline and training of oneself, usually for improvement.

Reading through a number of web sites, I came across some information I could relate to and apply in my life. Four key ingredients to self discipline.

• Self control
• Motivation
• Persistence
• Goals

For me, self control entails having a plan and sticking to it. I also think portion control and training plan.

Motivation. This comes from reading various blogs and articles, socializing with all my fitness friends online, positive self-talk, and meditation.

Persistence. My training schedule. I have to stick to a specific workout schedule when it comes to exercise.

Goals. I need to do some more work in this area. In one of the courses I teach, I discuss S.M.A.R.T. goals. I need to apply this goal-setting technique to my fitness and weight loss goals.

The next term I will be researching is "mind over matter." I will be posting what I've learned in a few days.

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