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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Hanukkah!

I was reading a great article about Hanukkah on Although I am not Jewish, I am a student of all world religions and believe in worship God, Spirit, the Divine through many avenues. So, I’ve been lighting a candle each night and setting aside some time for reflection.

In this article, the Rabbi discusses how everyone is invited to celebrate how we can find light in the darkest times of our lives. As I read, I thought about my journey back to wholeness. My favorite part of the article was about making time to play. This is one area in my life I need to work on improving. I work too much!

I sent my friend Beth a musical dreidel that lights up for Hanukkah. As we grow old, I realize how we are beginning to send each other toys over the holidays. I guess we both realize how much we need to nurture our inner child. I remember a few months ago Crystal and I went to a healing circle. The leader told me she sensed I needed to take more time to play to release some energy.

As I think about my 2010 goals, I definitely need to include more play on my list.

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