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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December is MY month!

Today’s post is inspired by Healthy Loser Gal.

She’s determined to make December her month. Well, she has some competition. I’m determined to make December MY month! I started this blog in January to help myself stay focused on my Couch to 5K goal. I’m proud of my accomplishment. I learned so much about myself. I also met so many wonderful people this past year. There are so many amazing people who have made my walk inspiring and bearable. Blessings to you all!

I’m ending this year with the following mantra. To paraphrase the scriptures:

The race isn’t given to the swift or the strong but to she who endures to the end.

I’m glad I didn’t give up. I thank God I didn’t give up. I say this with the awareness that it wasn’t all me. As my mother would say, if you take one step, He’ll take two. I know I was carried along the way every now and then. Lol!

It wasn’t easy taking time for me. There were times I felt guilty, even selfish. I always feel compelled to give to others, to take care of others, to help, to serve. Truthfully, I enjoy doing it. It brings me great job to give to others. It’s my calling. I have learned that there has to be balance.

Countdown to Christmas Challenge

I am determined to lose some weight on this challenge. Lol! I’m making an effort to increase my activity and drink more water. I really do not think I can do more with food. With the medication I take, I have to make sure I eat enough or I won’t have the energy to exercise. I have been making sure I have more salads as meals to reduce calories. Move, scale, move!

Celebrate Weight Loss Forum Community

I recently joined this forum. It’s great. Normally I would just lurk on places like this. For whatever reason, I decided to step of my comfort zone and participate. It’s proving to be another good avenue to help me stay accountable.

12 Days of Christmas

Yesterday I joined the gym’s 12 Days of Christmas challenge. All you have to do is work out at least 12 days during the month of December to earn a gym t-shirt or sweat shirt. I’ll also earn points toward credit on my health care plan.

Well, here’s to great month. Cheers!


  1. How about we make December OUR month? ...:-) I love HLG and her badges! I am glad we are on this challenge together. I really want to see the scale down 10 pounds this month. I am gonna need to up my cardio and really watch the food. We can do it!!!

  2. I'm honored you used the HLG badges on your site and so glad that December is going to be OUR month (you, too, Kat!)! :) You're already down 2 lbs which is awesome - I'm hoping the scale will go down at my weigh-in tonite despite now being on prednisone 'cause of bronchitis! But NO EXCUSES! lol :) Big hugs - you're doing great!!!