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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Peachtree Countdown

I went for a walk today and ended up running a little. I decided to run up the little hills for about a 1/4 miles. I did this three times during a four-mile walk. While out out my walk, I saw another person wearing his Peachtree training tee. I felt so grate ful for his smile and encouragement.

I also decided to keep a food journal and begin measuring my food again. This will really help me stay on track until the race. If I can stay healthy and injury-free, I'll give myself a great chance to have a really fun time during the race. I have no time goal (I did but I have been reading that it's a huge mistake to do so for my first 10k). I also read that I shouldn't expect that I will finish is double the time it takes for a 5k. I will finish when I finish. I just want to have the strength and endurance. I just want to cross that finish line with a big smile on my face.

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