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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

LA Fitness

I just returned from a tour of LA Fitness.  I feel a little uneasy and intimidated going to such a large and open gym but I can get a really good discount through work and it has a pool.  So I shared a little bit of my story with the guy who was giving me the tour.  He was really cool.  He then shared with me that 1.5 years ago he lost 120 pounds and now he’s managing a gym. He is working on losing the last 20.  He advised me to focus on weights and take the spin and aqua fit classes.  I am so very grateful that Spirit continues to place in my path so many loving, supporting people. 

So, tomorrow I will be doing my first workout at my new gym!

Also, while I was there he checked my body fat – 44.30 and my BMI is 39.4.  Yuck!  I'm looking forward to seeing how much I improve those numbers.  What was really surprising is that according to his chart I need to lost 47 pounds.  This is exactly the amount I on my weight loss ticker.  I’m not sure if how I chose my goal weight but I’m right on track.  I’m really excited to get started!

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