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Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Report

This has been a rough week. Things are finally settling down with the break up. I'm sleeping much better.

I've been having a problem with my lower back and right knee. I went to the doctor on Friday. He said it's being caused by rotation in my pelvis. I've had this issue before. He gave me some stretches to do.

I'm supposed to be doing a 5K next week. I can barely walk a mile. Today I thought my knee was going to give out on me.


I'm still attending OA meetings. Today I've been abstinent, following my food plan for 30 days. I'm working Step Four. OA is not about weight loss. It's a spiritual program. It's been great to deal with the emotional aspect of my eating and weight problem. I've loss 5 pounds.

Now that I know it's nothing too serious with my knee, my plan for November is to start exercising more often. Since I really can't do that much walking. I'm going to do the Last Chance Workout DVD. It's something I enjoy doing.

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