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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Two Months!

I have exactly two months until the Peachtree Road Race! My training is going well. I am started Week 11. Repeating Week 11, Day 1 tomorrow. Although I have three weeks left in my plan, I am no way near six miles. I am barely running three miles. No matter what, I will get across that finish line!

This weekend I had a very unfortunate incident. I have been debating whether or not to blog about it. However, it is part of my journey and I want to be able to look back on it at some point. Anyhow, I'm running, minding my own business. This woman pulls up into a parking space next to the path, gets out of her car, and says, look at that fat stomach! I am not sure why she felt the need to say anything. Part of me wanted to stop and say something but I said a prayer for her and just kept running. Part of me wanted to go all angry black woman at her but it wouldn't have helped anything. I went to my car, text my friend about what had happened, and drove home.

I walked through the door and thought about crying but couldn't. I told myself I was not going to allow some stranger to steal my joy! You cares what anyone says to me. I am doing what I am doing for me, myself, and I! I also reminded myself that I have been very lucky. Most people smile, wave, and give me the thumbs up. There has been much more good than bad. I am doing much better out there sweating, with my fat stomach, than sitting on the couch, with my fat stomach, eating chips and ice cream.

I am so sorry that person felt the need to say anything to me. Maybe she thought I couldn't hear her because I had a headphones. Who knows...who cares.... Anyhow, I just wanted to get that out. I will not be bullied by anyone. Whoever you are, lady, screw you! You do not know anything about my journey!

It also brings home to me just how vulnerable we are when were out. I already felt a little uneasiness because I forgot my pepper spray. Even though the park was filled with people on the fields and playgrounds and I saw a police car patrolling around, I was still vulnerable in that time and space. I've got to do better about keeping my pepper spray next to my keys. What if that lady had come up and approached me? I do not run that fast.

A couple of months ago, some guy tried to abduct this 18 year old girl who was jogging in her neighborhood. She had a pocket knife on her. Who knows...maybe she was trying to start a confrontation....

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