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Friday, February 28, 2014

February Update

I am ending this month on a very shaking note. I had a doctor's appointment this morning. My thyroid is still not stabilized. My doctor wants to give me yet another increase on my Synthroid dosage. I think it is about time I get serious and look into alternative therapies.

Everything else is fine. I forgot to ask for a copy of my labs. My blood pressure was 102/64 -- fantastic! She also said my cholesterol is still on the low side. She wants me to have some cholesterol. My vitamin D level is great. My A1c is 6.1.

The awful news is that I have gained seven more pounds! Between being sick, bingeing here and there, and skipping workouts, the pounds are piling back on. Not good at all!

I have a little over 100 days to give my butt in shape to cross that Peachtree Road Race finish line. I need to stay healthy and focused on achieving my goal.

This is going to take some discipline. My Dad is starting chemotherapy and radiation treatments in a couple of weeks. This means I will be going to Michigan. I am still going to have to stay on top of my training. In fact, the training will be a great stress reliever.

I know I can do the training. Right now nutrition and sticking to my food plan is my biggest hurdle.

I haven't registered for the Run the River 5k because I am not sure I will be in town for it. Come to think of it, with my Dad being ill, there is no guarantee I will be in town for the Peachtree Road Race. Come what may. I'm still training for both events!

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