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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Forward March

I love my new doctor. I love the way she has created a spa-like atmosphere for her patients. There’s light, meditative music playing throughout the place. The receptionist offers you a beverage. Instead of hospital gowns, they have bath robes you can wear. The whole experience was like night and day from the previous Oncologist. Anyhow, she seems to think we’re most likely dealing with endometriosis. She also thinks the mass is more the size of a football. This probably explains why I was losing inches everywhere except my waist.

Due to the strong family medical history, she’s recommending a colonoscopy before surgery. Tomorrow I have a consultation with a Gastroenterologist.

Speaking of family, I made it through my mother’s birthday okay. I didn’t do anything special this year. I spent some time talking to her about what’s going on with my health. I wish she was here. I could really use a hug and smile from her these days.


I’m moving forward slowly but surely on the fitness front. Even though I’m not able to work out like I would like to right now, I continue to make a conscious effort to do something. Last Sunday, I went to Crystal gym with her and did two 10 minutes workouts on the elliptical. This week I did some walking and dumb bell workouts.

Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling so well but I made myself go for a walk anyhow. I really wanted to walk a mile so I pushed myself. It was a mistake. I was so miserable on the way back. My body was already sore from working out with weights on Tuesday and Thursday. I’ve been having cramps here and there, and haven’t been sleeping so well. It’s probably one of the reasons why I wasn’t feeling so well yesterday. I should have been satisfied doing a half mile. But oh no….I had to push. The doctor said she was fine with me exercising but nothing too strenuous.

I really need to practice what I preach and put my ego in check. Truth is I do not think I’m exercising sufficiently unless I breaking a sweat or feel sore afterwards…this from a person who not too long ago hated to sweat. Even though I knew I had overdone it, I had this wicked little smile on my face as I wiped away the sweat on my face.

Today I’m pulling out my mat and yoga DVDs. I think I should stick with yoga until my surgery is scheduled.


I spent a good part of this morning catching up on blogs. I want to give a huge shout out to Greg who was recently featured on his local news. There are so many quiet heroes out there. Greg on the Run was one of the very first blogs I starting following. Reading his story is the main reason I set a goal of getting off my diabetes medication. Until then, it never occurred to me that I didn’t have to take the medication for the rest of my life. It also helps that I now have a doctor who supports this goal. Congratulations Greg!

I also want to send some love into the Universe for the BIG fat truth. She hasn't been posting regularly. I wish her well on her journey.

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  1. Your new doctor sounds great. Love the idea of a spa like dr's office experience. I miss my mom too. Good luck with the new tests. Yoga sounds like a very good plan. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.